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How it all started:

* Cakes Done Wright started as a brainchild of mine in 2004. I spent years working for others and always felt I was cheating people out of wholesome desserts and selling myself short with the quality of ingredients being offered. Cakes CAN be made with mindful ingredients.  So with the overwhelming encouragement from my husband I set out to make Cakes Done Wright into the bakery that I always hope to find on my own trips. In 2011 Cakes Done Wright became a reality  for me! CDW is a licensed  home based bakery and thanks to the Cottage Food Bill was able to become a reality. I am able to allow my clients to create their own cakes (both designs and ingredients) set only by the limits of their own imagination


* I started Cakes Done Wright out of a desire to bring cakes and desserts into your homes with the wholesome goodness you remember your grandma making


* "True" cakes are becoming harder and harder to find and that is what drove me to open Cakes Done Wright. Each order is made from scratch with organic flour, cage free eggs, organic milk and real butter.  Sourcing ingredients like carrots for the carrot cake as local and organic as possible for each order takes top priority.


*We live in the Capay Valley (Yolo County. Northern California) with our dog, some horses, our son and daughter. I married into and Organic Farming Family. My husband is a Captain with a local fire department as well as helping on the family farm where we live.  

~Thanks for all the support,
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